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We pay a competitive commission based on which Tier barber you are hired as/become, the clientele you bring, your talent and experience. For reference, we pay much better than "The Bored Room." 

We offer a $650/weekly guarantee pay! This means if your base salary (commission) ever amounts under $650, the company will cover the difference back up to $650. This isn't including your tips! 


We feature three different shift types to promote work-life balance. Every shift you work isn't a full day, allowing you time off for family and friends while maximizing your productivity at work.

Health Care

Health & Dental Insurance after 90 Days working with us. Medical: BCBS Coverage for Individual and Family (yes, we cover dependents). Includes Mental therapy. Dental: Guardian coverage for Individuals and Family.

departure email

Severing a relationship sometimes comes as a surprise. We don't want it to affect you financially.

We believe after 12 months you are entitled to your access to your regular clients (everyone you've cut at least twice). So, within a week of departure from Sheared The Barbershop, for any reason, we will share your link with them to book with you at your new location. And we'll invite them to continue booking with Sheared The Barbershop if they choose - this way the client has the option and you aren't stuck leaving a clientele behind that you've spent months to build. All we ask is a respectable two weeks notice. Automatic upon termination.


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Sundays are for keeping our ship airtight & We're Seeking Models!

Still get a great haircut when you're our model...

Difference is, we take a little longer as we dive into each detail. Therefore, it's free!


Free parking is on the corner of Fannin and Elgin Street just across Elgin Street from the Interfaith Ministries/W.T. & Louise J. Moran Building.

The same lot is directly across the street from the entrance of the barbershop. You’ll see the sign of the PMC parking lot.

No payment is required. Please scan the QR code on either sign and choose the free 1-hour or 2-hour option.