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why we started Sheared The Barbershop

Many barbershops spend loads of money on the buildout of the barbershop to wow potential customers – that’s their entire business plan. Many barbershops spend loads of money on marketing to replace each customer that won’t be returning. 

Knowing this, we decided to change everything. 

We put our employee first. It’s the core of our mission. We believe exclusively good guest experiences come from excited team members. Our employees share in an incentivising, rewarding culture where great things don’t go unnoticed. Not only do we protect our employees from all forms of abuse, additionally, we highlight and position anyone of our team members who are shining, matters not their background. Most importantly, we listen to each of our team members.

We take the sophisticated approach. We don’t just cut length off. We opened Sheared The Barbershop to offer shear/scissor haircuts in a barbershop to those who can’t find it. Yes, the salon (and only the salon) offers a good, balanced shear haircut but it is still masculine? Does it have the barbershop touch? 

We take the sophisticated approach. Because we hire barbers who are focused on education and growth we can have sophisticated conversation about your trademark-able look you’d like to create or maintain.

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Sundays are for keeping our ship airtight & We're Seeking Models!

Still get a great haircut when you're our model...

Difference is, we take a little longer as we dive into each detail. Therefore, it's free!


Free parking is on the corner of Fannin and Elgin Street just across Elgin Street from the Interfaith Ministries/W.T. & Louise J. Moran Building.

The same lot is directly across the street from the entrance of the barbershop. You’ll see the sign of the PMC parking lot.

No payment is required. Please scan the QR code on either sign and choose the free 1-hour or 2-hour option.